Hi, my name is Sander
I'm a full stack freelance developer
I build apps & websites @Kodeus

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I’m a freelance developer with active knowledge in multiple programming languages. I gained lots of experience in both front and backend development from working at web/communication agencies and on various freelance projects.

Having accumulated years of Symfony experience as a senior web developer, I felt it was time for something new in 2017. Frontend/mobile frameworks like Ionic, Angular, React and React-native piqued my interest and I got eager to learn more about them.


In The Pocket

Working as a react native developer for multiple agency clients.

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Started as Symfony developer working on the main Zimmo website. After a while, started on the new Ionic Angular mobile app.

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Created a react and react native library for embedding cumul.io dashboards inside a react (native) project.

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Gifthings is a handy app to create your wish list for special occasions. Is your list ready? Then easily share it with your friends and family.

You can also view their lists. So you always know what they want!

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I worked on a various of Symfony and React projects for multiple agency clients.

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